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Taking the positive image off of the "Horror Of Skullmaster" profile stencils, I layout the basic image in House of Kolor Basecoat yellow (SG-101 and BC-26 white).

Using the negative, or detail part of the stencil, I spray in the basic details using the same HoK yellow, and my Iwata CH Kustom airbrush.

Continueing with the HoK basecoat yellow (SG-101), I add in the base rendering of the realistic fire. Using the same airbrush, and some freehand stencils.

Switching from the yellow to a kandy tangerine (KK-08 and SG-100), and then a kandy apple red, I add more depth, and color to the fire.

With all the colors in the design layered in, I bring back the finest details in the shadows with a violet kandy (KK-04/KK-17 and SG-100). Here you can see me bringing back the highlights, and emphasizing the details with a little yellow, mixed with white (SG-101 and BC-26).

With the details finished, I give the entire piece a wash coat of Pagan Gold kandy (KK-12 and SG-100). Now it is ready for some clearcoat. While I did use the same airbrush for everything in this demo, the clearcoating will be done with a full sized spraygun. An LPH-400 for those keeping track. .

Here it is, clearcoated, and finished. In the sun you can see a pearlescent color in the background. This was something I added right before the clear. It is a little Tequilla Sunrise Kameleon pearl mixed with SG-100. Not opaque enough to mess with the colors, but gives a killer pearlescent quality when the light hits it just right.

Not the same demo, but similar. You can see how just changing a little of the color, and incresing the highlights can make for a completely different design. Very kewl. Hope you have enjoyed this step-by-step demo.

Please EMAIL any comments, or requests you may have.

"Paint to live, live to paint"


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