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The first step is to layout the basic graphic that is going to be the skeletal framework for the Biomechanical airbrushing. .

With the graphic sprayed in with basecoat HoK white, I unmask it, and sketch in the biomech design using a simple piece of chalk.

Using my trusty Eclipse CS Kustom, I complete the sketching of the design with the same white. hard to see where the freehand begins, and the masking ends,...That is the idea.

With the tank white done, I mount the tank, to finish the rest of the bike. This helps keep the continuity of design that is necessary for a full mural job.

With the base white airbrushing finished, I come in with my TH-3 trigger gun, and layer in a coat of KK-04/SG-100 Intercoat clear. Some areas will get more kandy then others, to increase the sense of depth.

The monochromatic blue gives us a killer base color to work with, but the mix of KK-04 Oriental Blue, and KK-17 Violette is what helps me get the killer detail. Here you can see I have stepped up to useing my Micron C+ Kustom. Gotta use the best when you need that tight detail..

With the airbrushing done, Dion finishes off the job with a flawless coat of UFC-35 clear, and his trusty LPH-400 LV spraygun.

Here you can see a kewl closeup of the bike assembled, and a distance shot. Notice the kustom painted primary belt. It actually does hold up to daily ridden abuse. The trick is to clearcoat with SG-100, and not a catalyzed clear. Good luck, and have fun.

Please EMAIL any comments, or requests you may have.

"Paint to live, live to paint"


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