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Pin Up Girlies
by Deborah Mahan

Pin Up Girlies

Welcome to the world of Deborah Mahan’s Pin-Up Girlies®! Girlie Girl and Little Girlie are the first in a series of Pin-Up stencils from Artool® Products Company. They are perfect for airbrushing on motorcycles, a vehicle or your little brother. These stencils are designed so you can use them alone with great results, or with some freehand techniques. Each stencil in this set is precision-cut to work with each other. So, you can make your Girlies as realistic as you want! Here are several creative options you can choose from: 

Girlie Girl and Little Girlie 7 x 5 


Hot Rod Girlie 7 x 5 

Good and Goth Girlies 7 x 5 
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